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If a company needs to liquidate its assets quickly, there are businesses that specialize in liquidation. These businesses may buy a company’s entire inventory, or assets, and then sell them to other retailers. Some liquidators are retailers, too, such as Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, and Ollie’s. What does liquidators mean?

Liquidator meaning

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liquidator synonyms, liquidator pronunciation, liquidator translation, English dictionary definition of liquidator. v. liq·ui·dat·ed , liq·ui·dat·ing , liq·ui·dates v. tr.

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liquidator definition: 1. one of the people in charge of closing a company 2. one of the people in charge of closing a….

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Liquidator meaning

Liquidation Costs means all expenses, charges, costs, and fees (including without limitation attorneys' fees and expenses) of any nature whatsoever advanced, paid or incurred by or on behalf of the Lender in connection with (a) the collection or enforcement of any of the Liabilities, and (b) the collection or enforcement of any of the Loan Documents, and (c) any costs incurred by the Lender as liquidation the process by which a JOINT-STOCK COMPANY's existence as a legal entity ceases by ‘winding up’ the company. Such a process can be initiated at the behest of the CREDITORS where the company is insolvent (a compulsory winding-up) or by the company directors or SHAREHOLDERS, in which case it is known as a voluntary winding-up.. The person appointed liquidator, either by the The Meaning of Liquidation. In accounting, the meaning of liquidation is the process of selling off all the company’s assets to generate cash. These funds will be used for paying creditors and other debts. Liquidation is often a possible outcome of bankruptcy, but there are other situations as well. The liquidator must also send an initial remuneration notice if they propose to seek fee approval during the liquidation: see Information Sheet 85 Approving fees: A guide for creditors (INFO 85).

Liquidator meaning

The first point of call is often through the Committee of Inspection. The Committee. The function of the Committee is to advise and assist the liquidators and/or to supervise the conduct of the liquidation. Liquidation. The collection of assets belonging to a debtor to be applied to the discharge of his or her outstanding debts.
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Liquidator definition, a person who liquidates assets, especially one authorized to do so by a court of law.

Nothing fundamenta Liquidity is your company's ability to pay the bills as they come due. We've all heard the saying "Cash is king," so here are seven quick and easy ways to improve your company's liquidity.
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Meaning of liquidator in Swedish english dictionary

It is easily exchangeable for other goods and often is the medium most companies require for completing business transactions. A term associated with this medium is liquid cash. Companies and financial i Liquidation is a financial and business term. Do you know what it means?