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777807-01, NATIONAL-INSTRUMENTS 777807-01 BNC-2115 NOISE REJECTING. Solicita precio, N/A, 0. 777802-01, NATIONAL-INSTRUMENTS 777802-01  161, 01.28.530, Ensaio de recuperação de nível para poço profundo 2115, 37.25.090, Disjuntor em caixa moldada tripolar, térmico e magnético fixos, tensão 2327, 39.09.015, Conector de emenda tipo BNC para cabo coaxial RG 59, un&nb 2115, 12.80.050, CANTONEIRA DE FERRO DE 1"X1"X1/8", M, 33.34, FDE, 43.25 3275, C-01.28.530, Ensaio de recuperação de nível para poço profundo, h 5441, C-39.09.015, Conector de emenda tipo BNC para cabo coaxial RG 59 CB-68LP, CB-68LPR – 68 screw terminals for easy connection of BNC-2115 BNC connectors for easy connectivity of your extended analog output on NI 6723   CHD-2115P Dome. Câmera infravermelho Ajuste de sensibilidade da cerca em 3 níveis. Uma saída de vídeo TVI e uma saída de vídeo composto BNC. The DTA-2115 is a general-purpose modulator on a PCI Express x1 card.

Ni bnc-2115

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142-4407-006 RF Connectors STRT PLG 58/141 Ni Emerson / Johnson UCBJR220 SOCKET, BNC PCB RA 75R Emerson Network Power TPS2115AEVM-061 EVAL BOARD, TPS2115A 2:1 1A POWER MUX TEXAS  Verbatim laddningsbar batterier, AA(LR06), 4-pack, Ni-MH, 25. 157. 49942. Verbatim laddningsbar 2115. 8937527.

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Regimenal J-myths subreader 249-995-4053. Bedim Bnc farasula. 249-995-4247 249-995-2115 270-821 Phone Numbers in  ni and its licensors make no warranties, express, statutory or implied, with respect to the models, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement of intellectual property, or any other warranties that may arise from usage of trade or course of dealing. Screw Terminal, 68-Pin BNC Terminal Block —The BNC-2115 is a desktop and DIN rail-mountable BNC adapter you can connect to compatible NI data acquisition devices.


Ni bnc-2115

Also for: Ni 6722, Ni 6723, Ni 6731, Ni 6733, Ni … 特に、ni bnc-2115は、ni 6225/ni 6255 mシリーズデバイス、および64チャンネル100ピンeシリーズデバイスの拡張アナログ入力チャンネルにbncで接続できます。次を参照して、ni bnc-2115と使用するのに最適なケーブルを選択してください。 224 National Instruments • Tel: (800) 433-3488 • Fax: (512) 683-9300 • info@ni.com • ni.com Multifunction DAQ Accessories DAQ and Signal Conditioning Multifunction DAQ Accessories Figure 9. TBX-68 I/O Connector Block Figure 8. SCB-68 and SCB-100 Shielded I/O Connector Blocks Der BNC-2110 ist ein geschirmter Anschlussblock mit BNC-Steckverbindern, die mit Signalen beschriftet sind. Der Anschlussblock eignet sich für Multifunktions-Datenerfassungsgeräte der X-, M-, E- und S-Serie sowie zahlreiche Analogausgangsgeräte von NI. Der Anschlussblock BNC-2110 vereinfacht die Verbindung von Analogsignal-, ausgewählten Digitalsignal- und bis zu zwei benutzerdefinierten Ni NI STANDARD THREE YEAR SERVICE PROGRAM FOR HARDWARE 777879-01 ROHS COMPLIANT: NA. RoHS NI BNC-2115 SHIELDED BNC CONN BLK. RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 1. Container: Each. 0.

Ni bnc-2115

The BNC-2110 and BNC-2120 (for 68-pin B Series) have BNC inputs for eight differential analog input signals, analog output signals, and some digital I/O signals. BNC-2115 – Shielded I/O connector block with signal-labeled BNC connectors for easy connectivity of your extended analog output on NI 6723 devices. Dimensions – 20.3 by 11.2 by 5.5 cm (8.0 by 4.4 by 2.2 in.) The PCI-6025E (Part Number: 777744-01) is a high-quality, affordable Multifunction DAQ from the E Series by National Instruments. This DAQ delivers a sample rate of 200 kS per second. The National Instruments PCI-6025E Multifunction DAQ offers a resolution of 12 bits. NI BNC-2115. Select.
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buy 777807-01 - ni - bnc-2115 noise rejecting, shielded bnc conn blk for extended i/o rohs compliant: yes. Newark offers fast quotes, same day shipping, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & … Web: www.ni.com/certification We hereby declare under our sole responsibility that the following apparatus: Product Description: Shielded BNC Connector Block for M Series and E Series Devices Model Number(s): NI BNC-2115 Product Category: Electrical equipment … The BNC-2110 includes. 15 BNC connectors, a terminal block with 30 pins for signal connections, and a 68-pin I/O connector that connects to the E Series, S Series, and. waveform generation Multifunction DAQ devices.

68-Pin SCSI to Female BNC and Spring Terminal, DIN Rail, Desktop Mount, Shielded Terminal Block—The BNC-2110 can be used with various NI multifunction I/O and analog output devices. The BNC-2110 simplifies the connection of analog signals, some digital signals, and two user-defined connections to the data acquisition device while maintaining the integrity of your measurements with a shielded enclosure.
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Gambia - Postfrimärken 1869 - 2014 - Sida 43 - StampWorld

Ni 2-POSITION SCREW TERMINAL KIT FOR POWER BNC-2115 – Shielded I/O connector block with signal-labeled BNC connectors for easy connectivity of your extended analog output on NI 6723 devices. Dimensions … – NI AT-MIO-16DE-10 . Can I use the BNC-2115 with PCIe-6343 and SHC68-68-EPM cable? Re: Multiple digital outputs with BNC-2115. Hey Tuomas, Connector 1 seems to be compatible. Unfortunately I do not have those devices so I can't check it for you and hence can't guarantee that it will work.