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12 Jun 2014 DiSC Personality Profile The four styles you need to know to realize your full Priorities of the C style • Accuracy • Stability • Challenge  A brief overview of DISC behaviors and DISC profiles presented by Data Dome Inc.

  • C ompliance (sometimes referred to as  This is the DISC Profile. Look at this chart, and choose the letter D, I, S, or C with the most adjectives that describe you (or how other people might describe you). 12 Mar 2021 Bu kişiler insan faktörüne çok önem vermeyen, riskten kaçınan ve mükemmeliyetçi bir profil çizerler. CS Profili. CS Profilinin C'den farkı nedir? 30 Oct 2012 For example, if you are strong in C and D but also use a modicum of S behaviors, this pattern will show up more clearly on your profile results  10 Jun 2019 Those with C personality types value facts in communication.

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    Ekenäs IF Disc Golf är en sektion inom Ekenäs Idrottsförening rf. Sektionen Raaseporin Korilla, profile picture https://discgolfmetrix.com/1542724 You've probably heard of DISC tests, DISC assessments, or DISC profiles, but are DISC Personality Styles, Pt 4, High C - About DISC Personality Test - DISC  PulsAnalys DISC för framtidens chefer, konsulter, säljare och rekryterare. är att deltagarna skall förstå DISC-teorin samt kunna utföra och återkoppla Personprofiler. Certifieringsdagen är belagd c:a 3–4 veckor efter de två första kursdagarna. Certifieringsdagen är belagd c:a 3–4 veckor efter de två första kursdagarna. Datum bestäms gemensamt av deltagarna. I kursen ingår 10 st.

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    Disc profile c

    Everything DiSC assessments allow for finer differentiation among styles than just four labels. So some styles will be D, i, S, or C, but there are also styles such as Di or SC. When you complete an Everything DiSC questionnaire, you are scored on eight scales, not four. Your profile report reflects the style that is most descriptive of you.
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    The C-style profile is one of the 4 DISC profile types including D-style, I-style and S-style profiles. A typical profile showing high I and C This relatively common profile includes two factors that appear in some ways to be contradictory.

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    Understanding the "C" (Conscientious) Profile Type · they seek inordinate amounts of information before making a decision · their work environments are usually  Conscientious or compliant individuals are exceptionally creative problem solvers. They love excavating details, doing research, and completing projects and  Low C personality traits. A person that has the Innovator personality thinks of rules only as guidelines that may be bent or broken as necessary to obtain  Compliance, or simply 'C', is the last of the four DISC factors and relates to traits such as structure, procedure, rule-orientation and organisation. C personality styles are logical, and task oriented. They like to be correct and require details, facts, and figures.